Location and Time

Due to the fluid nature of our church, our gathering times and locations can vary. Please fill out the contact form below to get the most up-to-date information.

What is a Micro-church network?

Microchurches, sometimes called house churches, are purposefully small gatherings. It is very easy in our day and time to get lost in the crowd, however, in the book of Acts we see God's people operate with extraordinary depth of relationship with Jesus and with one another. Having smaller gatherings by their design develops a community where everyone is known and brings something to the table.

How do we gather?

Monthly Family Gathering

On the first Sunday of each month, all Family Church microchurches gather in one location to worship and to bless our community.


On all other Sundays, groups of 15-25 meet to worship God together in homes, coffee shops, and other spaces.

Small Groups

Weekly, 3-5 gather to apply Scripture.


Weekly, two gather to seek Jesus.

How do I visit a microchurch?

  1. Look for a Family Church sign at the driveway of the meeting location.

  2. Go to the Welcome table, where you will be greeted by a Family Member.

  3. Worship Jesus with us.

  4. Eat with us. On many weeks we will have a meal on site after the service. You are invited!

**If you have any special needs, please fill out the form below and we will communicate with you about how to best help you feel at home during your visit with us.

What is a typical Sunday service?

On Sundays we meet to worship Jesus together in family groups of 15-25. We typically meet in homes, but sometimes meet in other locations, such as a public park. During this worship service, you can expect to worship in several ways:

Read the Bible

Every service begins and ends with the Word being read.


We spend an extended amount of time seeking the Lord through prayer. This is an opportunity for many to use their Spirit-given gifts to encourage, equip, and support one another as we do life together.


We sing new and old songs that are focused on Jesus and compel us to worship and obey Him. Sometimes the music is prerecorded, while other times it will be played live, depending on each family group's ability.


Sermons are the time when the pastor or another person will speak from a specific passage in the Bible and bring instruction from it. At Family, we believe that the Word of God (the Bible) is the decisive authority over our lives. Therefore, the sermon will always be from the Bible. The goal is for everyone to understand the passage and know how to apply it to their everyday lives.


After the sermon, time is given to answer any questions that came up during the sermon and share what God laid on our hearts during the sermon.

How does childcare work?

Babies-4 years


Simply let the person at the Welcome table know that you would like to drop your child off in childcare. Upon dropping off your little one(s), please let the childcare worker know of any dietary or safety items specific to your child.


  1. Each childcare worker is background checked and has been taught the childcare procedures of Family Church.

  2. Each childcare room is equipped with a closed circuit video baby monitor which is being observed by an approved Family Member.

5 years and up

At Family Church, we believe the family ought to worship together! This is why we encourage all children over the age of 4 to be with their family in the worship service. We also recognize that people come from all kinds of backgrounds and needs, so please let us know how we can assist you!

** If you have a specific need, please fill out the form below and we will seek to help you feel welcome and at home!


At Family, we strive to be accessible to all people.

We always have one or more wheelchair accessible locations, and we can make arrangements for other special needs.

Fill out the form below or call 252-325-8654 if you have any specific needs for yourself or someone in your family. We would love to love you!