What is a microchurch network?

Microchurches, sometimes called house churches, are purposefully small gatherings. It is very easy in our day and time to get lost in the crowd, however, in the book of Acts we see God's people operate with extraordinary depth of relationship with Jesus and with one another. Having smaller gatherings by their design develops a community where everyone is known and brings something to the table.

Family Church began in January 2021 with the goal of becoming a collection of microchurches who are all under a common leadership, belief, and vision.


We exist to invite everyone to join as as ever-maturing followers of Jesus.

Growing Together: Personal Core Values

Personal Values are what we believe the Bible tells us a healthy growing Christian does.


Disciples who follow Jesus more deeply


Family that is growing in unity and love


Servants who give of time, Spirit-given gifts, and stuff


Heralds with a Jesus proclaiming lifestyle

Corporate Core Values

Corporate Core Values are those guardrails we use to help us make wise choices as an organization and drive toward our vision.

Reaching the Lost

Bring Jesus to everyone who has not trusted in Jesus in word and action.

Deepening Relationships

Cultivating deeper relationships with Jesus, one another, and the community.

Equipping the Called

Empowering one another to be who God has called us to be.

Commissioning New Churches

Sending and supporting our best to begin new works.

Pursuing Precision

Making simple but impactful choices.