What is a microchurch network?

Microchurches, sometimes called house churches, are purposefully small gatherings. It is very easy in our day and time to get lost in the crowd, however, in the book of Acts we see God's people operate with extraordinary depth of relationship with Jesus and with one another. Having smaller gatherings by their design develops a community where everyone is known and brings something to the table.

Family Church began in January 2021 with the goal of becoming a collection of microchurches who are all under a common leadership, belief, and vision.

How Do We Get There?


Every member abides in Christ through prayer, Bible emersion, and one on one discipleship.


Every member prioritizes gathering together.


Every member gives joyfully and selflessly of their time, Spirit-given gifts, and material possessions.


Every member seeks actively to invite others to follow Jesus.


Every member is preparing themselves and others to send and be sent anywhere.